Monday, March 10, 2014

Take Three Steps Away From Religion

Religion is something man should overcome, for it is a dangerous thing and always has been. I’ve prayed for 5 or 6 years throughout my adolescence. I liked the sensation of shelter, warmth and care. But as long as I had a God I could make responsible for everything that happened, I could never learn any responsibility for myself. Eventually I would ask God for a favour, and eventually this favour was granted. This happened so many times. I started attributing this to my prayer. As time went by, I realized I did less to achieve my goals by own power and performance, and more and more relied to God. One day, I would have thought that I could get anything I wanted if only I prayed steadily. Even actual physical danger wouldn’t exist as long as God was there to protect me. To be fair, I was only a child. But God was a dangerous illusion, and to discover the true heart of religion was a tough and agonizing experience.

Religion makes you believe things that you don’t even understand. Religion makes you hate people that you do not even know. Religion keeps you from thinking on your own, it is merely an act of submission. You submit your own autonomy and freedom of thought under so woolly a thing as God. When will we finally be able to discover true kindness? Certainly not whilst we are still under the surveillance of a moody and revengeful God.

Religionists say that there is no moral without Religion, but when you have a closer look on religion-based morals you can see that they are kind of messed up. “Love thy neighbor” in the times of Jesus of Nazareth actually meant “Love another jew” – it’s the same sort of ingroup-outgroup moral that religionists often still show today. How can religion be the offspring of moral if so many achievements of modern culture, such as the Enlightenment, Science, Human rights, Freedom of Speech, acceptance of Homosexuals, acceptance of disabled people, equality of women and and… Had to be won against the resistance of religion?

For anyone who wants to live a full and enriched life and who wants to be a free person, it is a smart choice to take three steps away from religion.

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