Thursday, March 6, 2014

The bible…

Fact 1: No original bible texts remain…NO original Old Testament texts…NO original New Testament texts…None…Zip…Nada

Fact 2: People compiled, collated, modified, edited, altered, reordered, made up…verbal and written stories…meaning…putting blind stock in the bible, is really putting blind stock in people…lots and lots of unknown people

The bible stories can be split into two groups:

a. stories written by people who were never present to witness first hand what and who they were writing about, and were not even alive at the time of the events (Adam and Eve, Abraham, Noah, Jesus, Mary, Joseph etc never wrote down accepted first hand accounts). Many of these stories have multiple versions, with conflicting details.

b. documents written by someone, for example Paul, to someone else at a specific time and place…with no anticipation that it be binding on everyone, everywhere, for ever.

To alleged that one of the characters of the stories (god) personally inspired the stories, is like saying Humpty Dumpty inspired the poem about himself…ridiculous!

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